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Dear friends and colleagues,

The 47th meeting of the European Pancreatic Club took place from June 23-26 in Toledo, Spain. The meeting was a big success for our Club with 624 registrants, of which 34 were invited speakers, from all over the world. There were 56 oral presentations and 341 posters. In addition to the regular sessions, we held a joint session with the Spanish Pancreatic Club, a round table on "Increasing awareness on pancreatic cancer in Europe" and a discussion on "International collaboration on pancreatic cancer research". Furthermore, the EUPancreas COST action as well as several cooperative groups held meetings in parallel to the main EPC programme. Toledo provided a magnificent historical setting for the best science. The Organizing Committee would like to thank attendants, speakers, and sponsors for their contributions to the success of EPC-2015.


Francisco X. Real
President of the EPC 2015







The 46th meeting of the EPC at the end of June was a big success. We welcomed over 600 delegates to Southampton, for one of the largest EPC gatherings to date, in a Combined Meeting with the IAP. Over 400 research presentations and 17 invited speakers contributed to an excellent and varied scientific programme. The discussions of oral and poster presentation, and the social atmosphere were greatly appreciated by all participants.

Two Symposia linked to the meeting. We began with ‘Nutrition, Science and the Pancreas’, in collaboration with BAPEN Medical and the Southampton Nutrition Biomedical research Unit. A full day of speakers explored the effects of pancreatic disease on nutrition, and the contribution of nutritional care and science to the management of pancreatic diseases. The final day of the congress, attended by nearly 250 participants, was devoted to a symposium sponsored by Abbott, on the ‘Science and Clinical Care of Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency’. This explored all the clinical consequences of pancreatic insufficiency. Together, these symposia put our pancreatic concerns into the wider context of the nutrition and metabolism of the whole body.

The social programme concluded with a Congress Dinner attended by over 300 people, all of whom seemed to be dancing well into the night. The highlight for me was the moment when Professor Clem Imrie left the dance floor – in a vertical direction! Propelled by his adoring (Dutch) fans, Clem danced for a while above the heads of everyone else.

You can find further information on our website.

It was a pleasure to welcome you all to Southampton, and I look forward to joining you next year for the meeting in Toledo!


Colin Johnson 

President of the EPC




EPC logo.jpg45th Annual Meeting of theKép1.png

European Pancreatic Club

June 26-29, 2013

Zürich, Switzerland






Dear Friends and Colleagues,


The EPC meeting 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland was held form June 26 to 28, 2013, followed by a Postgraduate Symposium on June 29, 2013. The event was held at the Kongresshaus, a unique site with an exceptional central location in front of the Lake of Zurich, easily reached from the main city hotels by public transport or on foot.

Over 500 people attended the meeting with registered participants from 47 countries worldwide. A strong interest from Eastern European countries was noted, as well as from USA, Australia and many Asian countries.

This year’s program included a broad spectrum of topics on pancreatic physiology, etiology and cellular mechanisms of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer, the role of genetics in pancreatic diseases and their treatment, the value of stenting in cancer patients, novel diagnostic techniques and clinical interventions. In addition, particular emphasis was given to transplantation and exocrine-endocrine axis, subjects that raised lively debates and interest in continuing the research efforts in this field. Another highlight of the program was the session on pathology, helping us better understand cancer pathophysiology and guide clinical decisions by integrated evidence from genetics to cancer morphology. A state of the art lecture by G. Klöppel (Munich, Germany) on cancer stem cells brought an in-depth review on the significance of these cells.   In addition, participants of the Pancreas 2000 courses have met at the YOUPPIE session, which is a forum to discuss both scientific as well as career oriented problems.

A special Memorial Lecture for Heinrich Rinderknecht, held by M. Sahin-Toth (Boston, USA), emphasized the visionary research of this gifted scientist. A review of his achievements demonstrated the complex interactions of pancreatic enzymes and the consequences on pancreatic pathophysiology.  In the same vein, C. Imrie (Glasgow, UK) spoke on clinical assessment of acute pancreatitis as he had reported 35 years ago at the EPC-meeting in Zurich. He compared those strategies with the current approaches.

On Saturday, June 29, 2013 the Postgraduate Symposium on ‘Pancreatic Regeneration and Repair’ provided an overview on various aspects of cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating regeneration processes of the injured pancreas, with state of the art lectures given by a panel of renowned international speakers. A great benefit came from the special lectures presented by lead scientists working on regeneration and repair in other organs.

The social program started with a welcome reception at the Zoological Museum where participants met in a stimulating atmosphere. The evening’s highlight was the performance of opera singers mingling with guests. On Thursday, the participants had a choice of visiting the Swiss HPB center or meet at a bar at the lake. Both events were highly frequented.  And finally, a truly memorable feature of the meeting was the Gala dinner at the Schützenhaus Albisgütli, with over 300 attendees. Highlights of the dinner were the award ceremonies, particularly the Life-Time Achievement awards given to J. Neoptolemos (Liverpool, UK) and G. Klöppel (Munich, Germany). A Jazz-combo playing live music throughout the evening made this event unforgettable.

Click here to download the meeting summary!


Best wishes,

Rolf Graf and the local organizing committee


                                     44th Annual Meeting 

Prága meeting2.jpgof the European Pancreatic Club

20-23 June 2012

Prague, Czech Republic 



Dear Friends and Colleagues

The 44th Meeting of the European Pancreatic Club 2012 in Prague is now over. We would like to thank the participants, committees, faculty members, sponsors, exhibitors and all the people who contributed to making EPC 2012 a big success. A total of 604 delegates from 43 countries came to Prague in June to attend 22 scientific sessions with 94 oral presentations and visit the exhibition of 250 posters (100 of them in basic and 150 in clinical research). The UGF and ISAC Postgraduate Course - the 7th International Symposium on Inherited Diseases of the Pancreas was attended by 117 participants.

We would like to invite you to attend the future meeting in Zurich –

Best regards,

Prof. Petr Dítě and Congress Administration Team

Magdeburg.jpg43th Annual Meeting of the European Pancreatic Club

22-25 June 2011

Magdeburg, Germany





Stockholm meeting2.jpg

42th Annual Meeting of the European Pancreatic Club

16-19 June 2010

Stockholm, Sweden




Thank you for your contribution in Stockholm


More than 600 participants from over 40 countries took part during the Pancreatic Week June 14-19. The EPC congress itself was attended by more than 500 participants! The scientific contributions were excellent and our impression was that the meeting was a great success. We already look forward to the next EPC meeting in Magdeburg 2011.


Welcome to join the webcast service


We are happy to inform you that the whole pancreatic week, including the preceding postgraduate courses and all presentations during the EPC congress, will be available for you via our webcast service. At this stage the postgraduate courses are edited and available whereas the content of the congress will be available in the beginning of August. Please sign up via our website by a click on the City Hall of Stockholm. For a cost of € 100 all material will be available during the rest of 2010 for you to be used for the benefit of pancreatology.


We wish you all a nice summer holiday to regain strength to continue the good work for the benefit of knowledge and care in the area of pancreatology.


On behalf of the organisation committee of EPC 2010 in Stockholm.


Johan Permert

President for the Stockholm meeting.





41th Annual Meeting of the European Pancreatic Club

1-3 July 2009

Szeged, Hungary


Thank you for attending the EPC2009 meeting


Once again the Organizers would like to thank you for attending the 41stMeeting of the European Pancreatic Club. The summary of the Meeting can be provided as follows:

1)      Invited speakers

There were 49 invited speakers at the meeting (33 from Europe, 11 from USA and 5 Others).  Almost all of the top experts in the field of Basic and Clinical Sciences of Pancreatology accepted our invitation. We could support their travel and covered their accommodation and registration fees.  

2)      Abstracts

We received an impressive number of 278 abstracts from 30 countries. 56 abstracts were accepted for oral presentation, 40 abstracts for oral-poster presentation and 176 abstracts for poster presentation. 1 abstract was rejected, 5 abstracts were withdrawn.

3)       Travel Scholarships

We received 123 travel scholarship applications which is the highest number of applications ever at EPC meetings. One of our biggest achievements was that we could obtain enough sponsors to support all of the Scholarships. Therefore, all of the travel scholarship applications were awarded. 

4)      Participants

All together 469 people registered for the conference (390 participants, 32 accompanying persons and 69 sponsors).  The local organizers supported the attendance of 172 participants (44% of all participants (!): 49 invited speakers, 123 young and/or basic and/or Eastern European scientists) with 90.795 Euros. In addition the registration fees were one of the lowest that have been charged at EPC meetings.  

        5) Other issues

There were direct transports (between Szeged and Budapest Airport) organized for all of the participants. In addition we were pleased to show Hungarian gastronomy, culture and arts to everyone. The registration fees for the social events (2 Euros (!)) allowed everyone to attend the evenings. 

We are glad that the Conference was a great success with a large number of people attending. 


On behalf of the organisation committee of EPC 2009 in Szeged.


Péter Hegyi

President of the EPC Meeting in Szeged




Former meetings:


40        2008                Lodz, Poland                          E. Malecka-Panas

39        2007                Newcastle, UK                       B. Argent

38        2006                Tampere, Finland                  I. Nordback

37        2005                Graz, Austria                         T. Grieshaber

36        2004                Padova, Italy                          S. Pedrazzoli

35        2003                Liverpool, UK                         O.H. Petersen

34        2002                Heidelberg, Germany          M.W. Büchler

33        2001                Toulouse, France                 N. Vaysse

32        2000                Kiel, Germany                       U.R. Fölsch

31        1999                Lüneburg, Germany            P.G. Lankisch

30        1998                Thessaloniki, Greece         C. Arvanitakis

29        1997                London, UK                           G.E. Mann

28        1996                Mannheim, Germany          M.V. Singer

27        1995                Barcelona, Spain                 L. Fernandez-Cruz

26        1994                Bologna, Italy                        L. Gullo

25        1993                Paris, France                        C. Rozé

24        1992                Ulm, Germany                       H. Beger

23        1991                Lund, Sweden                       I. Ihse

22        1990                Basel, Switzerland               K. Gyr

21        1989                Glasgow, UK C.                      W. Imrie

20        1988                Budapest, Hungary               M. Papp

19        1987                Marseilles, France                H. Sarles

18        1986                Nijmegen, The Netherlands  J.J. de Pont

17        1985                Manchester, UK                     M. Case

16        1984                Cascais, Portugal                  O. Bordalo

15        1983                Verona, Italy                            L.A. Scuro

14        1982                Essen, Germany                     H. Goebell

13        1981                Krakow, Poland                      S.J. Konturek

12        1979                Copenhagen, Denmark         H. Worning

11        1978                Zürich, Switzerland                R. Ammann

10        1977                Dublin, Ireland                         O. Fitzgerald

9          1976                Oslo, Norway                           J. Myren

8          1975                Toulouse, France                    A. Ribet

7          1974                Dundee, UK                              K. Wormsley

6          1973                Gothenburg, Sweden            Y. Edlund

5          1971                Brussels, Belgium                 J. Christophe

4          1969                Göttingen, Germany              W. Creutzfeldt

3          1968                Prague, Czech Republic      K. Herfort

2          1967                Marseilles, France                H. Sarles

1          1965                London, UK                             H.T. Howat