Pancreas 2000



The aim of this education and research program is to develop the next generation of pancreatologists to the highest standard of expertise. This requires sound knowledge of pancreatic physiology and pancreatic disease as well as scientific education and understanding about group dynamics and how you lead and interact in a group.


The Pancreas 2000 educational program includes six meetings. Each meeting is designed to stimulate development in three areas:

  •    Pancreatology
  •    Science/Research
  •    Leadership


The target groups for the education are:

  •    Gastroenterologists
  •    Oncologists
  •    Radiologists
  •    Surgeons


The local host will decide the content of the pancreatology section, within a framework given by the organizing committee. The scientific section will be organized jointly by the local host and the organizing committee. An assigned psychologist will be responsible for the leadership training. The Pancreas 2000 educational program includes


  • access to an extensive network of senior and junior doctors from Europe, and including leading pancreatologists as lecturers and mentors
  • possibility to plan and conduct clinical and experimental research
  • visiting hospitals as an observer, private study, and participation in research projects


The program will be concluded with an international scientific meeting where the projects will be presented. Projects should preferably be published in refereed journals.


The focus of the course is on high quality education – the board and lodgings will be of an adequate simple standard.

We look forward to meeting you at Pancreas 2000.


Thomas Gasslander MD, PhD, Linköping Univ Hospital, Linköping, Sweden

Matthias Löhr MD, PhD, Karolinska Univ Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden​


Invitation to the 8th Pancreas2000 course is available here! Please also see the participant profile!