EPC Triple Membership


The European Pancreatic Club (EPC), the International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) and the joined national pancreatic societies have been offering an attractive triple membership since several years, which gives unique opportunities to pancreatologists all over the world.


Until the 30th of April a single annual fee (€50+the fee of the national society) gives simultaneous membership of the EPC, IAP and a participating pancreatic association. The annual fee for young members who are under 35 years is €35 (+the fee of the national society) for a year. From the 1st of May the membership fee of the EPC/IAP will be increased with 50% (€75+the fee of the national society) until the end of the year.


As a unique new opportunity from 2013, we also offer three year tripple membership, which will further reduce Your EPC/IAP membership fee with 20% (the membership fee of the national pancreatic societies are not included). This opportunity is available until the 30th of April each year.


All triple members enjoy reduced registration fees for the annual meetings of the EPC and the joint meetings of the EPC/IAP. In addition, triple membership includes an online subscription to Pancreatology (note that the cost of an individual subscription to Pancreatology alone exceeds the cost of triple membership), making it an exceptional value for money. Pancreatologists from countries without an affiliated national pancreatic society can choose to become a member of any other pancreatic association to benefit from the triple membership. Currently, 22 different national pancreatic clubs are associated with the triple membership, and the number is increasing.


Benefits for EPC Members:

- reduced registration fee for the annual EPC Meeting

- free on-line access to the journal Pancreatology

- fellowship for young members (3000 Euros)

- travel garnts for young members for the annual EPC Meetings

- EPC members can be officials of the EPC

- or EPC representatives at UEG

- the members of the EPC are also members of the EPC General Assembly,which is the highest organ of the EPC

- members also can receive newsletters


List of National Societies and Fees



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