EPC Fellowship


The EPC fellowship is a postgraduate teaching program offering young pancreatologists the opportunity to visit and take part in the daily routine work in well known European pancreatic centres. The fellowship is limited to a maximum stay of three months and the applicants should be under the age of 40 years.


The aims and objectives of the EPC Fellowship are:


  1. To give interested pancreatologists an in-depth understanding of the investigation and management of patients with pancreatic diseases in high-volume centres, including surgical observation and medical treatment.
  2. To provide young pancreatologists an education in the fields of basic and clinical research.
  3. To allow a research project (clinical or basic) to be conducted in collaboration with the host centre.
  4. To support the fellow in preparing publications for clinical or basic research.
  5. A maximum of 3 EPC Fellowships will be given per year.


The EPC-Fellowship applicants can apply for a postgraduate teaching programme in the fields of:


  1. Medical pancreatology
  2. Pancreatic surgery
  3. Pancreatic basic research


The EPC Fellowship grant is for a maximum of €3,000 to support expenses including travel costs and accommodation.


The EPC Fellowship recipients are selected by the EPC Council after critical examination of all the applications. Applications should be sended in email to the EPC secretary (secretariat.epc@gmail.com). Applications must include:


  1. The EPC Fellowship application form
  2. The applicant`s Curriculum Vitae
  3. An outline of the research/ clinical project including title, background, aims, research schedule (this outline should not exceed three A4 pages)
  4. Letters of reference from the applicant’s home institution
  5. Letter of acceptance from the hosting institution


The closing date for applications is 30th April each year.  Late applications will not be considered.


Please note that the applicant must be member of the EPC at the time of application. The applicants will then be informed by the EPC secretary before the annual EPC meeting of the application year, so that the EPC Fellowship successful recipient(s) can be announced during the annual EPC meeting.

The applicant should let the EPC secretary know the starting and closing date of the EPC Fellowship and at latest one month after the closing date the applicant should send a summary of the results of the fellowship to the EPC secretary (this should not exceed 3 A4 paper). The summary will be uploaded to the webpage of the EPC.


Criteria for hosting centres:


  1. The hosting professor and mentor must be members of the EPC.
  2. The hosting centres should declare the hosting of the applicants to the EPC secretary in email which should contain their contact addresses.
  3. The host centre must organize affordable accommodation for the applicant.
  4. The centre should allocate one senior mentor, who is responsible for the applicant during the fellowship.
  5. For Basic Science projects only, the provision of established research laboratories with necessary equipment and facilities for the EPC Fellowship.